LIFE Matters

In this day and age, you would think lives would matter far more than they do but strangely they don’t. There have been so many deaths within this past year and many of them have been real tragedies. Every life matters, whether it’s of a female African American or an elderly Caucasian male. Unfortunately, people don’t see past the color of skin. You really would think it’s stupid because between white and black, there are no differences, a color separates and that’s it. One isn’t better than the other—they are equal.

Skin Color Still Plays an Unfortunate Part

It’s hard to believe how ignorant-minded people are. People are no longer seeing people for who they are but rather the color of their skin. That seems to be the sole focus for so many and it’s so crazy because a color is skin deep, the person underneath is just like you, me or the leader of the free world. There is nothing that makes one person different to another; the color of someone’s skin should never mark them for death no matter what form it comes from. Still, too many young lives are lost and it’s tragic because while there are steps to stop this, it isn’t enough. People aren’t trying to live together; they want to create chaos and mayhem wherever they go. It’s not right. read the news right here!

It’s Necessary to Unite and Stamp out Racism

black-presidentUnite—it’s the only real way to stop racism—it seems so simple and yet it’s so far away. The trouble is people aren’t coming together and don’t want to stamp out racism. It isn’t right because no one is better than anyone no matter how much money they have or because they have a different religion or has a different color of skin. It doesn’t matters, life does. If we cannot come together to stamp out racism, nothing will change for the generations to come and it’s wrong.

More Must Be Done

Racism is at the heart of many youngsters being brutally killed whether as an accident or as murder and something must be done. Nothing has changed within recent years even though there has been the first African American President leading one of the world’s biggest nations. Progress has been made but only on a small scale; the larger picture remains almost untouched and it’s not right. There really does need to be more done so that small-minded people and their awful thoughts can be shut out. continue reading on

LIFE Matters – Make Life Matter

Why don’t people think before they act? In a modern world, you would truly believe the past was behind us and that people weren’t afraid to walk down the street or drive in their vehicles without something happening to them. It’s ideal but not possible because millions truly fear when they leave their homes. This shouldn’t happen; it’s wrong and more must be done to stop it before it gets out of hand again. Keep racism out of life—it doesn’t belong.