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World with No Color

Color plays a major part in everyday lives. For so many, the color of their skin dictates where they’ll be in their lives and it’s crazy. You wouldn’t think the color of your skin would mean so much and yet, it does, even in this modern world. Having a world without color doesn’t seem possible but there are so many who are trying to create a simple world without color meaning anything. read top article!

Why Does Skin Color Mean So Much To People?

Color shouldn’t matter and yet it does. The problem is that people don’t think clearly, they think with the wrong part of their brains rather than the sensible part and it’s terrible. Does color matter? No, it certainly doesn’t or rather it shouldn’t. Why do people think color means so much? It’s strange and it’s all down to indifference. There are many small-minded people who think if skin color isn’t a certain type it means they’re lesser than them. It’s crazy and yet it occurs each and every day.

Color Shouldn’t Hold You Back

black americanTo be honest, the color of your skin should never hold you back. It’s just a color at the end of the day and while it can make you who you are, it shouldn’t be the one thing to define you or hold you back. In today’s modern world, things have come such a long way since the fifties and sixties and yet there are still real problems and difficulties. Maybe there is a possibility to have a world without color but for the little while, it’s still got a lot of work to do. With lots of hard work, a world without color is very much possible. You can have a fantastic world where color doesn’t hold you back but, of course, that does seem a very long way. In truth, color shouldn’t matter but for most, it does. Never let the color of your skin hold you back.

Can There Really Be A World Without Color?

Can a world without color really exist? Well, yes and no. Right now, no, it isn’t possible because there are a lot of simple-minded people who think color should determine where you are on the food-chain. However, if there is a change and people start thinking without color on their mind, it’s very much possible to create a world where color doesn’t matter. There is real potential to make a world with no color but it is going to take a lot of work and it’ll take forever too. That doesn’t mean to say it’s not possible but, for the moment, it’s far away. Of course, if there is change, anything is possible. read more from

Making the World A Better Place

Who wouldn’t want to live in a country where color didn’t matter? It would be a far simpler place to live in and it may make far less trouble. Right now it doesn’t exist but who’s to say it can’t one day be like that? There is always room for improvement and while the world does focus on color somewhat now, in the future it doesn’t have to be this way. A world with no color can exist if we all do our part.